Recommended Reading

Here are some of the books I have in my kitchen which I think are pretty handy to have at your disposal:

Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

One of the first books I added to my collection, it's still the first book I go to if I have to bake anything.

Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days

 An extensive collection of classics and more.  It includes the majority of the recipes from the first book and then some!

Magnolia Bakery Cookbook
Fantastic recipes for cakes, cupcakes, pies, frostings, glazes.

Hello Cupcake!
This is a fabulous book for decorating ideas, it's published in the States though so some of the candy isn't readily available in the UK, but with eBay and Amazon most can be sourced.

What's New, Cupcake?
A sequel to the previous book, it offers even more creative suggestions for your baked creations.

A Zombie Ate My Cupcake!
Includes some great decorating tips for Halloween themed cupcakes and more.

Cake Pops by Bakerella
Cake pops make great treats for kids parties, theme nights etc.  Bakerella has published an amazing array of creative gems!

All of these books are available from Amazon or Amazon Marketplace sellers!