Thursday, 23 February 2012

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake

It was my godson's second birthday this week and I was asked to make his cake.  Last year he got a 3D teddy bear cake (he was named Henry and we felt very bad about cutting into him when the time came, sorry little guy!).  So this year I turned to my good friend, Google image search to find inspiration for his cake.  He is a big fan of the Very Hungry Caterpillar book so it was my first search, and after scrolling for pages and pages I finally found one that would fit the bill.

The actual cake is pretty straight forward: 2 tiers (any kind of cake you want, this one was red velvet and vanilla with green vanilla buttercream), white fondant covering.  It's the bits after that you get to have fun with and use your imagination for the finishing touches.


You can use fondant to make a caterpillar for the front of the cake (I use edible glue to stick all the decor on, but if you use a paintbrush to dab water onto the fondant it will stick too).  Around the back and sides I used fondant in a variety of colours to make fruits lollipops to decorate.  I invested in a collection of writing gels as well which is what I used for all the detail on the fruit and to draw on the lollipop stick, and the face on the butterfly.

For the topper, I bought sugar balloons on wires from a cake decorating store, as well as a number 2, which was white, but I used edible paint to colour it green to tie it in with the caterpillar.  Using my writing gels I also spelled the birthday boy's name out on individual balloons.

The tiers are finished off with Skittles candies which are glued in place with the edible glue.  You don't have to use Skittles though, Smarties, M&Ms, jelly beans would all do the trick too.

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