Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day Cupcakes

It was Mother's Day here in the UK today so I was trying to find cupcakes that I could bake for my mom to mark the occasion.  I consulted my good friend, Google Images for some inspiration.  It seems that bouquet cupcakes are pretty popular so I went with the idea.

Basically, like a normal bouquet, you can make them with any flowers you wish, in any colour you can imagine.  I have little bits of fondant left over from other projects so I had pink and red and green.  I made a few fondant roses and used my cutters to make some leaves.  Each cupcake had 3 roses and 3 leaves.

To mix it up a bit I made 2 cupcakes with message toppers, which were fondant cut out with "We <3 Mom" written on them with writing gel and a heart shaped sprinkle.  I was proud of how they turned out, I thought they were pretty cute.

They were red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  The roses are still a little dusty from the cornflour I used to roll them out but over all I'm happy and, more importantly my wee mom loved them.

Here is a video I have used to learn how to make quick fondant roses, fab for when you're pressed for time or don't have petal cutters.

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