Thursday, 4 August 2011

Cupcakes For The Office

My office is one of those places that when it's your birthday you have to bring in buns/ cakes/ traybakes for everybody.  The guy who sits beside me drives a motorbike, making the task of bringing in treats for 20 people a little tricky, so he paid me to make cupcakes for him.  I planned to make 12 chocolate and 12 vanilla and per his request made the vanilla buttercream green.  To make them look a little more interesting I split the vanilla frosting in two and coloured one half electric green and the other leaf green and piped them on together, this gives the frosting a really good look. I also used lime green cupcake cases I had purchased on eBay to tie it all in and since he is an avid death metal fan I made the chocolate cupcakes in black cases (also bought from the same seller).  The vanilla cupcakes were topped with rainbow sprinkles and the chocolate with chocolate flakes.

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